Google Maps Bike There…for a safer, healthier, happier world. :-)


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April 15, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

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Getting There Is ALL The Fun
hell yes!!
please show biker luv!!!!!
would be very helpful, I’d use it quite a lot
Bike There!!!
mtb tracks would be great
great idea, have been waiting for such a capability for some time.
This would be an excellent way forward and encourage more people to cycle to destinations
Would enable greater bike advertising sales
In the Netherlands there are plenty of possibilities to drive somewhere by bike, but not one serious bike travel planner!
It’s time. If not now, when? Please consider the benefits. I love Google. Be the love.
let’s encourage active and clean forms of transportation!
This would rock
persion golf
I am currently a stockholder of Google, Inc.
Ask input from experienced bikers. I have great commutes!
its about time
Yes please!
please upload Bike There!
GREAT idea!!!!
Also check out for a GoogleMaps-based feature for the Boston, MA area.
this is a spectacular idea.
You should also make it available in England.
Oh, oh, that would be soo fantastic. It can be scary taking car specific routes on a bicycle. Scary as in dangerous, as in potentially deadly. And I’m not being hyperbolic. I love the Google, and I will love it even MORE if you add a Bike There feature.
Let’s clean up the air!!
This is a great idea. I was thinking of creating a website to do just this, however, google already has a large database and infrastructure setup.
The bike route option would work perfectly in Charlottesville.
Google, I love you! Please do this!
Cyclists and motorists have different needs. Without recognising this, Google Maps is misleading to useless. Shorter routes are more available on a bike, and more desirable, particularly to the casual cyclist.
horray bike there
I have been hoping for something like this.
Please do this!
Cycling is the answer: fun, challenging,community-oriented, and no almost no CO2.
this would be so great!
This would Help me plan out my commute and other rides tremendously! btw…love your products and everything else you do.
This would be great
It will be used weekly!
Please, pretty please.
Bicycles are happiness and sunshine
Go Google!! Save the planet
please, please, do it
go google!
It would go a long way towards making things safer for cyclists
please !!!
I have often wanted Google to have pedestrian directions. Great move!
This would benefit a city like austin (weird disconnects with post-war city and massive highways cutting off logically connected routes)
I would ride more if I knew how to get there!
This is a smashing idea, all for it!
as a bike-everywhere gal (I’m car-free) this would be a godsend.
This would be a incredibly useful & “clickable” resource to add
bikes rule
Great idea.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Google is already working on this. I hope they are!
Google is supposedly “green.” This would help.
I sent a similiar suggestion in last year!
Please make this feature! It would save a lot of us from getting crushed on overpasses!
A good idea!
I think it would be neat to make it an open access community project, a route wiki or something like that.
I can’t say enough nice things about everything you guys have already done, so I feel a little bad about asking for more. But, you have to admit, the bike thing would be pretty damn cool.
account for terrain, too, please
Safe Cycle Routes avoiding major Roads should be provided all over Southampton , utilising Southampton Common as much as possible as it would improve safety for all and ease conjestion on the Avenue
Go Google!
Great tool to have!
Great Idea
this would be awesome!
This would be yet another reason to use Google!
Hurray for a great idea!
Make it so!
What a great way to encourage less fuel usage AND better health habits!
Bike on!!
Great Idea!
Great Idea!
This is a FANTASTIC idea!
“Avoid Hwys” is not enough - a bike aware choice would be wonderful.
I would LOVE a bike there option!
this is a wonderful idea!
This would be a great contribution to creating a biker friendly USA.
A first-class idea.
do it suckas!
Adam love bike!
brilliant! do it
Would make your services even better!
Please do this!
yes please!
great idea
Great idea
Great idea
Go bikes
please help us cyclists!!
I was just thinking about how awesome this would be the other day.
I would love to use Google maps to find a bike route!
I am particularly interested in finding bike routes that not shared with automobiles.
This is an important way to help save the earth
We need this!
please consider, what a great concept/idea
Please have biking directions an option!
Let it be so! Screw the gas company!
i think it would really encourage people to ride more if they knew the safest way to get there!
This is a great idea that would help so many and compliment your site and it’s business.
A GREAT IDEA… 100\% !!!!!!
Yes, let’s make it as easy as possible to use human powered transportation
Go greener, be even better!! You have the power!
Bicycles: the greatest thing man has ever done.
Currently, bike paths are painfully missing from you wonderful Web Service - Please make the world safer and add these valuable transportation corridors
Great idea
This idea would be great.
Even allowing reverse travel on one-way roads would be a good first step. That’s often all you need…
pretty please
ahh go on
Also have a ‘walk there’ option - in areas with lots of one-way streets,, parks etc. ‘walk there’ wojuld give much different directions than ‘drive’.
This would also help point out city bike lane flaws!
Bike there would be the best feature ever!
This would be a really helpful feature for those of us using Google Maps from the iPhone
please add a “bike there” feature to maps.
What an option it would be!
NYC future bike city of the universe!
This would be GREAT!
this would (indirectly) go a long way to promote better lifestyles and lower the environment impact of motor vehicles
not sure about the “petition language,” so please consider this respectfully submitted
This is a great idea!
Please, oh, Please!
This would be a fantastic feature!!!! Support the world!
I think this is a nifty idea, and I think that it fits with Google’s green model. I would suggest that folks look into using Google’s own feedback system to request the feature as well. They do seem to take that to heart.
Thank you for considering this addition to Google maps
This would be fantastic!
This is a great idea.
I think this is a great idea…it would be great to have it also have the most efficient route possible…i.e. balancing making extra right turns instead of left turns…
Bike There! Please, this city is bike dangerous!
Great Idea!
I use Google Maps quite often, a Bike There feature would be a great help!
This will mean more bike miles and fewer car miles for lots of folks. Please do this ASAP. Thanks!
There are other modes of transportation other than car.
Bike no evil !
Would love to commute on my bike
In a city like London, knowing where to find the routes ‘off the beaten track’ would be a fantastic idea. Transport for London already has an excellent set of maos that could be integrated into the gmaps database - I’m sure!
Please do it!
It’ll be nice
A common sense idea
Would be a great help esp when biking new areas / cities
Don’t be evil…
car free for five years
Bike Routes would be AWESOME!!!!
I want to bike there!
would be a cool feature
Use help from map readers the way you do now to make a bike route map great!
This would be used, appreciated and is needed.
Saving the planet, one step at a time.
yeah bird
This is a fabulous idea! Please add the “Bike There” option!
also, tell if bike paths are paved for wheelchair access
Please and Thanks!
Agree entirely with this notion. Google is perfectly suited to provide this offering and would not only fit their alterior motives of fighting climate change, but continue to provide in a way that no other web mapping site does.
I’m a big car fan. So I’m keen to clear the roads :)
like, yesterday
Yes please!
Way to go
NYC is Bike Town !
Please, we NEEED this, what an opportunity for Google!
I commute daily on my bicycle - this would be incredibly useful.
it would be sooooo useful!
What a great initative
There are a lot of bike lanes in town. This would be super-useful for finding them all in one place. Can the search also take into account gradations?
Public Tranportation doesn’t get more carbon neutral than a bike!
Do it! Do it!
Please please please!!!
please make this option available
this is not only necessary as an alternative to pollution causing vehicle traffic, but as a way to encourage exercise as part of healthy living
A combo of bike and transit, i.e. bike to here, take the L train, then bike here, would be a great feature too. That may be asking too much but Google can do anything can’t they?
This is a great idea, I’d use it all the time.
This would be awesome…there are tons of trails in Seattle commuters use and could peak interest for others to start commuting by bike!
yes! If you can put a picture of my house on google, you can add bike routes. please!
Do it!
Yeah, come on!
I use Google Maps frequently. The “Drive” route provided is often not a good option for bicycles. I do not own a car, so this would make Google Maps far more useful to me.
Please google- this would be great!
I’ve wanted this for quite some time.
I’m one of many people who would prefer to bike to my destinations, but am never certain of the quickest and safest routes. This would prove to be extremely helpful!
Would be a great feature!
I’ll help do it. I’d love to get sweaty for this!
thanks for this, great thought
I’ve wanted this for a while nice to see that others want this too.
This would be a great idea to add to Google
I have wanted this feature forever!
We need to get more people bicycling to get around.
While Jacksonville isn’t exactly the most bike friendly city, a “bike it” feature on google maps would be a huge help!
Yay for biking! This would be a great next step for google.
Seattle This would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comité circulation du Plateau Mont-Royal
Do it.
what a great use of your technology and gift to the planet
As a cyclist I think this would be a great feature!
Thanks, Peter! Brilliant!
do good
I use Google Maps 3 time a week minuimum.
Yes, please. I would use this service often!
great idea
Do no evil; spread love on two wheels!
would love to see transit/bike routes!
please! thank you!
It would be much easier to use my bike and ease congestion if there was an easier way to find routes.
This is too cool not to do!!!!
great idea and about time
Lead the charge!
What an excellent idea. Lower CO2 emission and ease traffic congestion. Also, a ‘slam dunk’ from a business value perspective since the maps will retain and attract.users.
This would make Google Maps even better!
This would be a very useful feature!
Thanks for your consideration
I support a bike here feature..
I totally agree with this.
soon please!
Great idea
I have wanted a route to ride to work and have not been able to come up with one. This would help me put one together
This would be great! already has increased my ability to bike around town with my daughter!
Please do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I ride my bike as often as possible…and that feature would be awesome…especially when I’m in a new area!
I generally prefer Google products, so having a “Bike There” feature would definitely be useful for me.
seattle thanks for your consideration
thank you
Would LOVE a BIKE THERE feature!!!!!
This would be a very helpful feature and will encourage more people to change their life styles in an environmentally friendly fashion.
yea! bike lanes! want to see them on Google maps!
Thanks for considering this very useful biking option.
This would be a very useful feature for bike commuters and recreationalists.
Much needed service!
great idea. Ashland and Jackson County have the Bear Creek Greenway, city of Ashland has a bike path and bike lanes throughout town.
Would be great for Safe routes to school
Help encourage more biking in the USA!
do the right thing!
I would love a bicycle mapping feature. This would be an invaluable tool.
I use your website all the time for driving directions and maps. It would be wonderful to be able to do the same for my bicycling.
wonderful idea
Make “do” with current maps but they are not always accurate or useful when cycling. THANK YOU
Please show route information like: incline steepness, bike lanes, etc
Excellent idea!
Great Idea!
This is a great idea
This would be super useful to the growing number of cyclists around the world…
This is a noble effort
C’mon Google…
Include bike parking info, too!
This can be part of Google’s climate change commitment
That would be sweet!
Suggested this to them with no response so far….
i bike where ever i can and feel this would dramatically improve and vary my rides
I would definitely use this!!!
all outdoor paths, trails, etc. would be wonderful!
yeah…this is where it’s at!
Seattle likes bikes!
good initiative
Whoop Microsoft’s sorry _ss!
i need this feature!
Bike path feature would bring more users to Google Maps, I’m sure.
this is something the “global warming” preachers should be pushing more of

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