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April 08, 2011 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

[Don't forget about LA's CicLAvia this Sunday!]

I recently ruined some of my favorite/only T-shirts in the wash, so decided I needed to get some more. I got a couple of inexpensive ones — like this $6 tee from Sports Basement — but decided I wanted to step up my game a bit — possibly with some cool, custom t-shirts. [Update: My Black Star Co-op t-shirt just came in (in grey)! ]

While I figure out how to get some custom t-shirts designed and then made, I stumbled across a website/company doing a couple of interesting things — In particular, I liked their play on the Smart Car. Here is the Smart Car logo:

And here is the cool t-shirt design from

What may be even cooler, though, is that the explanation of the design is on the inside of the t-shirt:

The “Smart Car” isn’t smart; it gets the same fuel efficiency as other economy cars but only seats 2 passengers. When compared to bicycles, all cars tend to look down right idiotic. Where’s the logic in working tons of hours to pay for a car to get to work to pay for a car? What’s the sense in driving to the gym to pay a membership to get some exercise?

Move within biking distance to work, sell your car, cancel your gym membership and start living smarter. Increase your quality of life while not contributing to the political, environmental, social calamity created by the world’s dependency on oil.

There’s a bunch of other cool ones, too — Fred Hampton!, Noam Chomsky, Tommie Smith, social commentary on Monster Trucks, etc.

Great weekend!