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facebook_logo.png There is a group, and a cause - take your pick! We’re trying to merge them, somehow.

Probably my fault - I must admit, I’m a bit of a Facebook novice. :-)

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  1. Ron Bishop says:

    While Bay Area Easy Riders as a group is not in the trenches it is our goal to increase the number of would be cyclists. We are social, go at conversation speed, and travel throughout the greater Bay Area in CA. We use transit as our portal to new adventures that lie right outside our doors, but are hidden and seldom traveled. We take many new cyclists out into the wilds of the Bay Trail and other trails all around the the greater Bay Area from Folsom to Los Gatos with me as guide and repair person every other week. It is truly amazing how much you can access by transit and bicycle in the Bay Area as we have completed 51 individual events to date and have one scheduled for Saturday.

    As an individual I have been involved in politically changing our transportation modality since 1993 when I experienced my first critical mass in Berkeley. In 1994 I was a leader in establishing the first city sponsored Bike To Work Day [BTWD] in Oakland, CA. In 1995 BTWD went state wide and it is almost everywhere now.

    Cyclist still battle in Oakland to get serious recognition as a modal split and many cities have surpassed us in leading the charge to create bike friendly cities while Oakland has been mired in lack of leadership by recent mayors. I expect our newly elected Mayor Jean Quan to help change the course we have been steering. She has been a participant in BTWD for several years and rides at other times. She also sponsored the Mayors Ride for the National Bicycle Greenway Network [ in Oakland this year.

    Ron Bishop
    Architect, Transportation Planner, Advocate, LCI


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