Google Maps Bike There…for a safer, healthier, happier world. :-)



There are several ways you can help promote this petition:

  1. Sign the petition.
  2. Digg the petition.
  3. Tell your friends about the petition. You could just email them, message them on Facebook (Facebook Group) or Orkut or whatever social network you use, drop a link in IM, etc. You can rate us up on StumbleUpon.
  4. Include our URL in your email signature.
  5. Blog about this petition if you have a blog, or talk about the petition in the comments of a blog.
  6. Include one of the ad banners below on your blog of one of your websites.
  7. Contact your local cycling club and ask them to list the petition in their monthly newsletter.
  8. Tell your email list or forum about the petition.

It is not just bicyclists who should be interested in this petition, there are lots of reasons to support this petition - whether you like riding your bike or you hate being stuck in traffic, this petition is for everyone.

Please feel free to put these images up wherever you can. It’s probably best if they link directly to the petition. I’ll try to post more sizes and HTML snippets when I get a chance.

As always, thank you!

468 x 60:


300 x 250:


88 x 31:


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