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Carrovia vs. Ciclovia — What about a weekday ciclovia?

April 12, 2012 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

San Francisco’s ciclovia event is held on Sundays, and is called Sunday Streets.

We and every city and town should seriously think about how to extend these ciclovias into the weekdays — i.e. hold them during the business week (which in some places might still include Saturdays, etc.).

Do any of these currently exist?

The only cases I can think of are cities that do a pretty good representation for World Carfree Day.

It’s just a one day trial — if we plan it carefully, we can make it work. As we know from real world examples, auto traffic often ‘disappears’ when major roads/bridges/tunnels are shut — temporarily or permanently — we can expect the same effect, and probably to a lesser extent, because the road will only close to car traffic, but open up to all human-powered traffic.

If you think businesses will freak, remember what it was like when we first pitched (weekend) ciclovias — sometimes it was serious ridicule and/or anger.

And now we have a built-in fan base which will include at least some businesses who will actually help us push the idea.

The message is simple — people being allowed to walk and bike and skate to and from their destinations makes our city a better place to live, work, and play. Ciclovias, thus far, have only been about play — we should work to change that.

And the best place to pitch this idea? Your ciclovia.

We pitch it the same way we originally pitched the weekend ciclovia — have an FAQ (like this one) with a bunch of the ‘tough’ questions answered, we get some quotes from some early adopter businesses who have bought into the weekday ciclovia idea, etc. Done. It seems most ciclovias run outside of rush hours already - so no issue there (though, we should work to change that, too).

First city to win a weekday ciclovia wins a gold star from yours truly.

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