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Vancouver Cycling Route Planner

April 29, 2009 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

The University of British Columbia has a ‘Cycling In Cities‘ research program that produced, among other things, a cycling route planner based on Google Maps. Cool stuff.

And the CBC got some of our tech/research heroes on camera:

Vancouver Cycling Route Planner from Peter Smith on Vimeo.

[Download full video here (.wmv).]

The most interesting part of the planner to me was the survey results showing that cyclists’ primary concern in selecting a route was to find one with low air pollution. It’s possible I read/viewed that incorrectly, but if true, that would seem to be an important factor in cycle route planning that I never even once considered as being important to us cyclists.

As best I can tell, Vancouver seems to be the Portland of Canada — fairly progressive biking policies, relatively speaking. Maybe that’s why Vancouver was just ranked 4th best city in the world for livability.

For more info on how the route planner fits into the overall research program, and links to all sorts of other interesting data/analysis, check here.

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  1. trevor rabb says:

    I will be commuting from Port Coquitlam on my bike starting tomorrow. I would like to know how I can help the campaign.




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