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VZ Navigator

June 07, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Bicycle Maps

VZ Navigator / AtlasBook Navigator

VZ Navigator (wiki) is a GPS navigation software application you can download to your Verizon Wireless cellphone. In addition to the standard driving directions, the program provides bike and walk directions, though I’m not sure of their quality. One of the settings screens allows you to change your “Vehicle Type” from “Car / Motorcycle” to biking or walking.

The application has been around for at least a couple of years, but it is getting new attention these days with the better display capabilities of new phones, and the groundswell of interest in location-based services (LBS).

My roommates just bought bikes and decided to look into using VZ Navigator to get around unfamiliar areas. It does seem to work, in that it claims to provide “bike directions,” but the quality of those directions remains to be tested.

Google is still doing things in mobile maps. They have the cool “My Location” feature for mobile phones, like BlackBerries:

And the Google Mobile Blog just let us know that Google Maps for mobile devices now has Transit directions available—just like Google Maps in your browser.

Now, if we can just convince Google to push a bit more in the direction of bike and walk navigation…   :)


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