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Mellow Johnny's: Awesome!

May 10, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

I was definitely a bit of a skeptic, and I’m not saying that Mellow Johnny’s is going to be a runaway success, but I have a very good impression after my first visit. I feel very confident - as much as one can from a first visit - that Mellow Johnny’s can and will have a big impact on cycling in Austin, and even cycling in Texas and America. Yes - I think it can be that big of a deal.

I’ll update this post a bit later with some pictures I took, and a short video of the mens bathroom/shower area, with some additional notes. In short, the mens bathroom was on the smallish side, but about what you’d expect. Two bathroom stalls (I think), with three showers.

The schedule for the rest of the day:

12 noon - Michael Ward (Mike and the Bike)

2 pm - Chris Carmichael (wiki)

4 pm - Gary Fisher (wiki)

6 pm - Lance Armstrong (wiki)

There was probably about ten of us waiting to get in this morning - not the mad rush and lines I expected. A few bikey events are going on around town, including the annual Armadillo, so that probably pulled a good number of people away from the opening this morning.

The store is very nice/appealing, as you might expect - not sure what the style is called, but it reminded me of cycling store version of Chipotle. :) Sorry - that’s the best description I can think of.

The coffee shop had good coffee, and a wifi signal, but I couldn’t get my laptop to connect to the net there. I’m at a Wahoo’s around the corner.

The maintenance/repair section of the shop is very very clean. That was a bit weird. Is a bike shop maintenance area supposed to be that clean? Maybe so.

When you walk in, you are greeted by lots of bikes - with a commuter bike being the absolute prime attraction - a $699 Swobo Novak, complete with chain guard and front and rear fenders, and rear panniers. Awesome.

Lots of the bikes are decently-priced - $400s to $600s. There are a few different commuter bikes, including a Dahon. There were also a few Seven bikes.

They had some fixies and a couple of low-riders and a couple of vintage bikes.

There were lots of clothes, including running clothes.

The downstairs is not finished yet. When it is, they’ll offer spinning and yoga classes, private bicycle storage, etc.

I picked up a copy of Momentum - score!

The prime window of the whole store (in my opinion - I’m no retailer, yet) is occupied by some clothing on a mannequin and backed by another commuter bike that has the rear panniers (saddlebags) filled with groceries. Awesome. It also has an attached Soma coffee mug holder if you’re the type who would start cycling to work, but aren’t crazy at the thought of giving up your morning jolt.

All seven of Lance’s yellow jerseys are up on the walls, there are lots of near-life-sized pictures of Tour scenery - very inspirational.

There are a few high-end bikes that roll up into the $8k+ range and more. There’s a whole wall of mountain bikes.

The Mellow Johnny’s/Six cycling team (??) showed up for a bit, and Mike Ward rode out with them ‘for 50 or 90, depending’.

The Austin farmer’s market was going on down the block, and a few thousand other people in the street for some kind of fun run/walk.

…no bike racks yet. No nitpicking, just pointing out. Sounds like the opening was crazy/hectic.

Here’s a quick video of the mens bathroom and shower area:

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  1. The name of the lowrider bikes are fatmark bikes. They were commissioned for the store.


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