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Mellow Johnny's opening May 10, 7am

May 01, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

Mellow Johnny’s is Lance‘s new bike shop, about to open in downtown Austin.

In theory, some aspect of it will be commuter-focused, which, in my opinion, would be extremely cool, because I’ve never seen a bike shop cater to commuters - even a little bit. The store might have lockers and/or showers for commuters - we’ll know in about nine days.

The picture is from my cell phone - thus the low quality. It’s one of a couple signs up on the outside of the store.

Here is a embedded Google Street View of the store:
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Notice the garzagantuanishohmygoshthatthingishuge building going up right across the street from the store. That’s a pretty common sight in downtown Austin these days, as it is in lots of cities across America (San Diego, Portland, and Miami come to mind).

…The wiki page explains how the nickname ‘Mellow Johnny’ came about: (from ‘Maillot Jaune’, French for ‘Yellow jersey’).

…previous article in the local Austin paper.


1 Comments to “Mellow Johnny's opening May 10, 7am”

  1. Siouxgeonz says:

    Welp, I saw a pic of the bike that’s supposedly a commuter bike and yea, kinda sorta… it was a “well, what Lance would ride if he wanted to take a nice day and commute,” as opposed to “a bike that a commuter would ride that would have the features for the wide variety of conditions s/he rides in.” I don’t even think it had fenders (the weight, after all!)
    It’s definitely progress, though! Steps in the right direction!


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