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The Good Human

April 13, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Green

Not sure we stumbled upon The Good Human blog, but we got a shout-out this past Friday - marking what might be our first entry into the ‘green blog’ world. That’s a big deal. It’d be nice to eventually get picked up by the TreeHuggers of the world - or their Digg-like clones, like Hugg.

Here’s what The Good Human’s About page says:

The Good Human was born out of my idea for a website that can encourage people to be better humans..whether through working to clean up the environment, being active in political issues that mean a lot to you or just being more aware of your life and surroundings. Started back in May of 2006 there are now well over 700 posts relating to all sorts of stuff, but the main focus has been the environment and how we can make this world a better place. Go ahead and check out the site, and be sure to visit the “Most Popular” section near the top for the most popular posts since the site started.

I like the tagline of the site: “Don’t Blow It…Good Planets Are Hard To Find.”

Thanks, David!

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