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Email Sent to Google

February 29, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

At least one commenter and one emailer have suggested that Google is already planning to release this feature in 2008, and asked if/why someone did not just contact Google to ask?

I am not a member of ‘the formal Press’, so I do not have a press contact for Google, and cannot use the email address they reserve for press inquiries (you can find it by searching their site).

So, I did the first best thing I could think of, which was to post about this petition to the Google Maps Help Group - which is an implicit question to Google and the Google Maps team. I have seen Google Maps representatives respond directly to user requests in the past, so this is a viable option, I think.

Today I sent an email to Google using the email form that can be found here.

Yesterday I remembered having heard about what I considered to be some type of ‘press sub-organization’ for Google Maps. The idea was, I thought I remembered, to help non-profits and advocacy groups around the world to help use Google Earth and Google Maps be effective in their campaigns. After some googling I stumbled upon the Google Earth Outreach program. This was the ‘sub-organization’ I was thinking of, though I’m honestly not too sure how it all works. Later today or perhaps tomorrow I’ll post a question to one of the forums specific to this Google Earth Outreach program and see if we can find anything out there.

Until we find out for sure whether or not Google decides to implement this feature, I think it is probably a good idea to continue to build broad-based support for this feature request, so that at a minimum we can all remain in touch with each other and help organize ourselves to see bicycle route mapping happen for every city and town (and even rural areas) on earth.

Please keep up the good work. As of right now we’re up to 3,721 signatures, and the locations continue to diversify.

I believe we have a volunteer to do a French translation and I would love to have other languages.

Soon I will add a page listing all of the various bicycle route mapping services that exist - ones that I know of and others that you let me know of (thank you to those of you who have already notified me about all of these other services).

Thank you!

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