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Milwaukee, not Madison

February 28, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

Someone pointed out that byCycle maps Milwaukee, not Madison. Doh! My bad. Sorry.

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  1. Dave Sohigian says:

    Thought you would like this greasemonkey script ( I created to add “Bike There” like functionality to Google Maps for Portland, OR. It uses the site for directions (launches a new window for that site). If you are not familiar with Greasemonkey, it is an addon for Firefox (find it here: which allows you to create hacks on top of existing pages (adding links etc…). The site was created by some local developers (here in Portland) and all my script does is take directions from Google and open a new page in with the directions for bikes. only works for Portland and Milwaukee and my script only works for Portland.


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