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February 25, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

Please feel free to put these up wherever you can. It’s probably best if they link directly to the petition. I’ll try to post more sizes and HTML snippets when I get a chance.


468 x 60

Google Maps 'Bike There' Feature Request

…New banner ads will be posted on the ‘Banners’ page.

5 Comments to “Banners”

  1. I put a liink on my blog, and sent it to my two club mailing lists.

  2. Siouxgeonz says:

    The count’s up to 181… if you click on the link “the undersigned” you get the tally :D

  3. Sent an email out to Aggie Blue bikes,Utah State University cycling team and more than a few friends… I’m putting the banner on my blog now. Thank you for getting this together!!!!

  4. chris labarbera says:

    Just signed it. Representing Jacksonville, Florida Petition signer #891.

  5. Peter Smith says:

    Rock on, Chris! Thanks!


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