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Bikes Enable Single-Moms To Keep Moving

September 07, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Advocacy

In an article about increasing bicycle ridership in the Netherlands, due to rising oil prices (of course), we get this nugget:

The bicycle has also become something of a fashion statement for the upwardly mobile, as illustrated by the growing popularity of the “bakfiets,” a two-wheeler with a large cart attached to the front and selling at 1,400 euros (2,000 dollars) apiece.

“For some it is a display of wealth, but some, like my single-mother clients, don’t have a choice—it is still cheaper than a car,” said Rijkeboer.

I love that single-mothers in the Netherlands seem to have the option of controlling their own destinies; they don’t have to rely on the public transit system to get them and their kid(s) to their destinations. Let’s make that a worldwide phenomenon.

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