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September 03, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Bicycle Maps

TechCrunch is the major blog covering all things Internet these days. It tends to focus on game-changing, technology-driven startups.

A few days ago they profiled, who we profiled a couple of months ago. Here’s what TechCrunch had to say:

RideTheCity is a cool mash-up application that allows you to plan bike routes based on safety and speed. By typing—or selecting—a start and end location in New York City, the application will find the safest and quickest routes by factoring in bike routes for “safest” trips and the shortest travel distance for the quickest trips.

The project is run by three bikers, Jordan Anderson, Vaidila Kungys, and Josh Steinbauer (Full disclosure: I went to college with Jordan but found out about this via NPR.) who connected Google maps to a few basic heuristic rules and added a cool logo. The GIS data comes from the city itself and is merged with Google Maps for display.

“Sometimes the most daunting thing about riding a bike in New York is figuring out the best route to take. How do you get to the bridge entrances? What’s the best way to Central Park from the Hudson River greenway? We created this website to help beginning bicyclists answer those questions,” said founder Jordan Anderson.

Just a small secondary link from that article to our site ( managed to bring us to a crawl. Let’s hope that the extra attention for helps bolster their efforts. And thanks to and for raising the profile of our collective efforts.

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