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Truckers to Stage Fuel Strike

April 01, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Finances

So it hasn’t quite reached the point of civil unrest yet, but independent truckers are always among the first to really feel the sting of rising gas prices. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have a lot of choice in how they get from Point A to Point B:

Truckers To Stage Fuel Strike to Protest Rising Fuel Costs

In other economic news, independent truckers plan to stage a fuel strike today to protest the soaring price of diesel which now costs almost four dollars a gallon – a fifty cent increase in the past month. It is unclear how many truckers will pull their semis off the highway but some truckers say they will strike for several days. In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania scores of truckers took to the highways and streets around the state Capitol on Monday and blasted their horns in protest.

I’ve had to do a bit of driving lately and I am not looking forward to my impending visit to the gas station. $30+ bucks or more to fill a relatively small VW Jetta. I can’t imagine what SUV drivers are paying.

I grew up in New Jersey and when my mom and dad would hit Atlantic City for some slots, my dad would say, “I’m going to make my donation”, or sometimes he’d say, “Going to make my donation…to Mr. Trump…he’s broke - he needs a little extra cash to keep things going”. Of course, he was being facetious.

Well, when I go to the pump today, I’m going to making my donation to them - you know who ‘they’ are.