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Bike 'parking lots' planned for Budapest

April 01, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Worldwide Movement

That’s Budapest, Hungary. And it’s just the latest example of how this bicycling thing is a worldwide movement:

Budapest’s local government is planning to equip area metro and HÉV (commuter rail) stations with “parking lots” for bicycles, reports tabloid Blikk. Following the example of the “park and ride” (P+R) parking lots put in place for automobiles, the “B+R parking lots” would make it possible to reach metro or HÉV lines by bicycle and continue the journey via public transport.

According to Hungarian Bicycle Club (Magyar Kerékpáros Klub) chairman János László, the bike parking spaces could end up being as popular in Budapest as in some other large cities in Europe, where virtually every metro station is equipped with organized facilities for storing bicycles. Lászlo added that success for such a project in Budapest would depend on commuters feeling secure in parking their bicycles.

I do have some mixed feelings about bicycle infrastructure development. For instance, in this case, it seems like the mass transit system may have an easier time in decreasing service because bicycling might be able to fill the gap. In my eyes, this development is of dubious benefit. I want to increase cycling and get cars off the road, but I’m not too interested in decreasing mass transit. We’ll have to figure that out as we go.

On a semi-related note, whenever I think of Hungary or Budapest, I think of the movie Kontroll, which is set in the Budapest Metro. Great movie.

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