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Competition for Jared

March 19, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

Jared, of course, is The Subway Guy. Maybe one day we’ll all be introduced to a Large Fella on a Bike.

From the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune, we have:

Scott Cutshall of Minneapolis went from 501 pounds to 232 in under three years, thanks to a special bike, soup for breakfast, and a lot of determination.

[You might be able to read the whole article and see the video slide show by deleting your browser's cookies.]

Thanks to to tipping us off to this (again). Large Fella’s original post (or is that, ‘The Cyclist Formerly Known as Large Fella’?) about his making the paper was pretty low key, so we just skimmed it and didn’t click through any of the links.

Congrats, Scott! And to your whole family! And to Minneapolis!

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