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Bike Sharing

March 10, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

Bicycle sharing programs are sprouting up like crazy. Check out the Tulsa Townies bicycle sharing program, created by the Saint Francis Health System. Not sure I would have gone with the hot pink, but at least they are out there doing it. :)

Humana has started the Freewheelin program in Louisville, Kentucky. No website, but a good intro/PR/announcement video, and a nice pdf.

There are bicycle and safety and environmental advocates/activists gearing up all over the country to convince their local governments that bike-sharing programs are good. Check out Bike Share Philadelphia for an example.

The wiki page has more on bike sharing programs.

The Bike-Sharing Blog is run by a private bike-sharing company. They put together a Google Map with a list of bike sharing cities/programs in Europe.

News of bike-sharing programs making their way to the U.S. has been around for months, but actual rollouts (pun intended) are imminent, starting in DC, with myriad other towns all across America wanting to get in on the action.

Check out this awesome video about the Parisian bike sharing program, Vélib’ (English, wiki). And an older article from the IHT on Vélib’ -’a name that fuses the terms “vélo” (bike) and “liberté” (freedom)‘.

A search of the web or just the blogsphere will show just how much activity is going on with regards to bike sharing in America and around the world.

Bicycle routes directly integrated with Google Maps would be of great use to people all over the world right now - but when we take into account the rapid growth of bicycling all over the world as a real form of transport, this feature only becomes more important.

When we look back at the worldwide bicycle movement twenty years from now, I think there will be at least one effort that people will point to as being a crucial component in leading the way - in helping inspire people everywhere to believe that bicycling was possible and healthy and fun - and that will be the Vélib’ program. The question is, will Google be remembered as one of the key enablers of the worldwide bicycle movement?

I hope so.  :)

2 Comments to “Bike Sharing”

  1. Matt O'Toole says:

    Don’t forget Sharebike in Roanoke, VA, brand new this year. ( Besides the main location downtown, eventually they’ll have several locations around the city, so you can get a bike from one and leave it at another. I’m told Virginia Tech is exploring a bike share program too, like the European ones, for the campus and around Blacksburg.

  2. Philly’s program seems to be dragging a bit.


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