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Et tu, Москва?

March 04, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

And you, Moscow?

Yes. Unfortunately, the people of Moscow also must deal with hazardous road conditions if they want to hop on their bicycles:

Some maintain, however, that there is no point in extra bike stands, calling the roads “mental and unsafe for cyclists,” some think that the bike culture is just not for Moscow, mainly because of the extreme cold in winter and slushy dirt in-between seasons. With a distinct lack of bikes around the city and a knack of creating six lanes of traffic on streets designed for three, Moscow certainly does appear user-unfriendly for cyclists. Could it possibly pull some experience from other European cities such as London or Paris, where a large number of people cycle to work safely, crossing parks and cities on special cycle lanes?

[The bold is mine.]

I’ve just been looking for an excuse to use the caption from this cartoon. There’s no comparison, the context doesn’t match, etc., but now I’ll be able to sleep tonight. :)

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