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March 03, 2008 By: Peter Smith Category: Uncategorized

Bike Hugger has written us up - thanks y’all!

One of the best parts about starting this initiative is that we’re all getting to find out about all the people who are out there doing good work and who are interested in seeing more bicycle and pedestrian-friendly cities and towns and communities. Very exciting stuff.

Incidentally, I now keep up with I don’t know how many bicycle blogs on a daily basis - 25? 50? more? And it’s pretty easy, and not as time-consuming as you might think - if you know how to use an RSS feed reader, that is. :)

If anyone is not yet an rss feed reader, then I would highly recommend looking at becoming one - it can make you more productive, save you time, make you a better person, etc. ;) OK - but it can save you time, and make you better informed, etc. Really, I like to see what everyone is up to - they come up with the good ideas, and then I try to tweak it to suit my local area. Reading blogs using a feed reader can help you find out about things like the Bicycle Film Festival, or introduce you to a whole new way to think about bicycles.

And I say that not because I am a technology snob (which, I suppose, I’m capable of being sometimes), but because I think it’s a game-changing tool that we can use to help keep each other informed and inspired. The most common frustration I experience is when I find out about some new and awesome bicycle advocacy group, and then find out that they don’t have a blog or an RSS feed. That makes it very difficult for me to keep up with what they’re doing. Signing up for their email list is just not feasible when I want to keep track of what so many different groups are up to. And bookmarking a site and going back and checking every hour/day/week/etc. is not feasible, either. Enter blogs and RSS feeds.

I’ve posted a simple introduction video, below, from a company called Common Craft. [Update: Removed embedded video because it was messing up WordPress. You can still find it here.]

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